Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rage Review


In this game you play the unnamed hero who was selected to take part in the ark program, a number of humans place in a sphere buried in the ground to survive an asteroid impact, you then wake up 300 years later to find all your comrades dead. You leave the ark to do well what any specially selected human race savior would do, almost be killed by another surviving human. As it turns out other humans survived the asteroid and if they turn you into the authority they make money so now you are a target for well everyone who congrats. This game was a real blast you go through it fighting bandits (basic gangs of post apocalyptic world), mutants (almost zombies created by the meteor), and the authority (army who hates everyone especially you). I loved this game it was sand box style but still had a main story line that was great albeit a little short, but never the less fun to play. This game also allows you to race, build your own devices for use, customize your car, and purchase weapons and ammo.

look at the mutants pretty eyes (while he tries to kill you)


In this game the multiplayer has to options the first being a car race like the ones in the game. And the second are mini stories that are not directly related to the main story line. You can play them with up to four players on line or can go spit screen.

[insert multiplayer joke here]


In my opinion this game had pretty good graphics and in all honesty even if it didn't it still would have been a great game.

look at the details on the enforcers

Final Verdict

I give this game 10 out of 10 it was a great game to play and I eagerly await the sequel.

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