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inFAMOUS 2 Review

This game was so awesome now I know  this review is a little late and, I know I smashed the new Cole to pieces in the preview but you will hear more about him in surprisingly the what I like column.

Game Play

So the game starts of explaining pretty much Cole's life in comic form, and then with the help of Agent Kuo, a Lady you met, you getting on a boat to go to New Marais. Then the beast shows up and Cole has to fight it and right when yo think you have beat him he comes back to life and you get out as fast as you can. After you get on the boat it goes in to comic form and explains what is going on on the boat. You have to get on a smaller boat and find a way around the blockade to get in the city. You find yourself almost immediately in a moral decision whether to blow up the enemies but kill families or just lower the bridge and fight the enemies. After that you have to find this guy named doctor Wolf and he explains you main goal is to find blast cores. A little later on in the game you doctor Wolfe gets kidnapped and he dies as you are trying to save him and Kuo gets kidnapped. While looking for her in the swamp you find a girl with powers named Nix. She is the kind of like the devil on your shoulder. She offers to help you get Kuo back but her plan will give you bad karma or you could pick Zeke's plan which will give you good karma. once you rescue Kuo you also free other people with powers. You later find out that Kuo also has powers. You, Kuo, and Nix all become a power house except when Nix and Kuo Argue. You play a lot of missions together. At the very end you can either help the beast or destroy it. There are three groups to fight till the beast gets there. They are the militia which is a human army to fight anyone with powers, the swamp monsters which are like albinos with wings and fight the militia as well as you and last is the ice men which are like the first sons because they stay in one district, and have ice powers.  Once you beat the campaign it rewinds to before your final decision so you can play the side missions and the play the user generate content.

Kuo is on the left and Nix is on the right.
The Hero campaign
So this was the first way I played the game  I only made the good guy decisions and the powers you got made the game amazing you got a whole lot of new powers and a few old ones with a new twist (my favorite was the bolt stream,a lightning machine gun).The ending where you choose the hero decision almost made me cry it was so emotional and put an end to my favorite series in gaming.

See his t-shirt is white here.

The Villain Campaign
Wow this campaign was pretty fun and good to play when you are really angry. It is really good to play when you are angry because you can just walk up to a civilian and blast them until they die. If you play the villain the whole way through you don't get the bolt stream, but you do get this rockin' grenade that explode on impact. When I finished this campaign I was even sadder then when I beat the hero campaign. I won't spoil it but I recommend playing the hero campaign.

And now its red.
User Generated Content
So there was no online but there is something almost as good, user generated content or UGC. I have tried out the UGC and it is extremely hard, if you are just starting out, to design your own missions form scratch. I haven't spent that much time with it but i assume designing missions gets easier with practice. there is also a lot of mission templates you can use to design missions. Although I haven't designed many missions I will certainly work on making some and post the name of the missions for all of you. I do like playing other peoples missions to see what other gamers come up with so if you make a mission you  think is good put the name in the comment and say what its about and I will play it and review it on my blog. The only downside is since it would be impossible to voice cast characters to say every single phrase in the English language there are only subtitles, no speaking.

That's what the UGC missions look like.
There isn't much to say about graphics they are amazing some of the best I have seen on PS3. You can read more about the graphics in the preview because every thing I said about the graphics all came true.

Look how real the street looks

Look at that greenery it looks so real.
What I Liked
OK so I started the game thinking I would hate Cole but then he started talking and I realized very quickly the new voice and the new clothes made the new Cole better. His voice was a bit rough which after all that happened to Cole in the first Game made sense. Cole's clothes along with the rest of his body change with your karma. When you are a hero they turn white and when you are a villain they turn red.

Here is the quick select power menu.

What I Disliked
I only saw one problem with this game the endings were so sad. If there is going to be a new inFAMOUS game then I will pre-order it the day I find out about it, because even though both endings almost had me crying I still love the series.

The Final Verdict
So all in all this was an amazing game that was your own choices  and I forgot to mention you get some skins at the end of the game to customize Cole. I think it was a perfect possible end to my favorite  gaming series and it gives me so much pleasure to give it a 10 out of 10.

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X-box 360 vs. PS3

This is a very controversial topic in the gaming world and this is just my opinion on the subject. I will be rating the systems in two categories and five subcategories (within two of the categories) each console can score a total of ten points in the subcategories.

I will be rating controllers in two categories comfort and style.

First Up Comfort

X-box: So the controller is in my mind perfect. It fits right in to your hand so well. Your fingers that don't pull the trigger just curl up next to the batteries. The joysticks are indented so it doesn't hurt your fingers from extended play which if you are like me is a very good thing. Everything feels very snug and comfortable so I give this controller a 10 in comfort.

PS3: The PS3 controller fits in your hands well but not as well as the PS2 controller or the  X-box controller. There is not a bulky battery in the center so there is a bit more room for you fingers; but I like to have my controllers to feel snug in my hand. The joystick is curved upwards a bit and is a bit bulky so when you play for a long time it hurts your thumbs. So this controller is not for me personally. Bu I will still give it a 5 in comfort because they aren't completely horrible some people like the PS3 controllers.

Next is Style

X-box: I think the plane black is a bit dull but has some nice contrast with the colored buttons. I like the layout of it and it is hard to describe it. There are a lot of different variations made by Microsoft so if you don't like the original style you can buy one of the different designs. I give this controller a 10 because I am yet to find a plain controller more stylish than this one

Here is the original controller not much to say about it.
PS3: So there is again not a lot to say this controller is not too stylish in my opinion. It is very dull with the original just black, even the buttons don't have much color the only time it actually looks interesting is when it has a different color, of course I guess that and the comfort issue is why there are so many third party controllers out for the PS3. I give this controller an 8.5 because compared to some other controllers this is good.

See a bit boring.

Now for the System Itself

Start up Page
X-box: The start up page, also known as the X-box Dashboard, is very easy to navigate once you get used to it. All you friends are put in one place and all the types  of the marketplaces, such as the game market place, have their own category but are all positioned in the same place in the list. You can also navigate the dashboard by clicking the right trigger or left trigger to quickly scroll through the list. There is also a spotlight where things coming up for X-box are previewed and new things in the market place are displayed. You can also change the background if you don't like the original one. I give the X-box Dashboard a 10 because it is easy to navigate and better than the two other major systems.

This is nice but not my gamer tag.

PS3: This start up page doesn't have a name, but just as easy to navigate as the X-box Dashboard. And instead of an up and down list, there is a sideways list using icons instead of words. The spot light is list at the top right corner and is a moving list so it is easy to miss something to you might be interested. Like before you can change the background. I give this start up page a 7 because of the spotlight.

Boring but you can change the background

Home Button

X-box: It doesn't matter what you are doing when you hit the home button any where you are, and yes even at the dashboard, the X-box guide opens. you have access to a lot of things including the dashboard when you are at the guide. My favorite things about it is you can check both your active downloads and your achievements and those are both very helpful.  I give this home button a 10 because it is both original and helpful.

Again, nice but not my gamer tag.
PS3: When you hit the home button it just puts a start up page on top of what ever you were doing. There are quite a bit of things where you would have to leave the current game to do so it is not the best. I give this home button a 5 because it is unoriginal and is just the start up page with limited use.

See looks a lot like the one up above.

Number of Games

X-box: O.K. so X-box has so many more exclusives than PS3 so I will give it 10.

Here is the biggest X-box exclusive.

PS3: PS3 has about 3 maybe 4 exclusives. It still has better and more games then Wii so I give it a 9.
One of the biggest PS3 exclusives.

The Final Verdict

X-box has a total of 50 out of 50 and PS3 has a total of 34.5 out of 50 so X-box won by 15.5