Friday, April 27, 2012

Arkham City Review

Game Play
So this game starts out with Bruce Wayne being arrested and put in a quarantined section of the city called Arkham City. you then need to climb a roof top in order to Batman up. Once you have dawned your kick butt attire cat woman is conveniently (this will not be the only time she shows up in the game and even had her own set of missions)  in trouble in the ally bellow, you then need to save her from mister Two Face himself. This is your first mission and highlights  how problem solving is quite a major part of this game. Once Cat  Woman is safe the joker shots at her and this is the fist part in the game when Batman's detective skills are show cased to find out not only where the shot came from, but use the remote controled sniper the Joker used to find his true location. Once you have found the Joker you find that he is sick, dying, and that he has tricked you to put some of his blood in you so you are dying too. the game continues on with you not only trying to find a cure for both you and the Joker but trying to stop the three, that's right three, groups of villains: which  are Joker, Two Face, and Penguin. To accomplish these goals the game designer brought back the old gadgets and made some new ones. They have also added a few things to the fighting such as new combos and finishing moves

Here is the end of your first mission, Two face doesn't like it.

Here is a new sneak attack.

Cat Woman Game
So this is basically just a couple chalenge missions in a sequential order where you play as cat woman. however she does have her own little gadgets, fighting style, she is more agile, and she climbs instead of grapples. This section is quite fun to play in and adds a little something to the game.

Here is Cat Woman

So this game's graphics are pretty good I'd say that they are closest to the Infamous 2 graphics.

Look at all the sores on Joker's face
Now son how many times have I told you tagging walls is wrong.
Final Verdict
So I'm going to give this game a 9.5 out of 10 because it is great but its not the best that I have played.