Monday, May 16, 2011


If you PS3 fan haven't already checked PSN is back on. I was very excited to hear that this morning. But if you don't own a PS3 I have some good news for you Xbox fans I am very close to getting enough money to get an Xbox. Aside from that I am working on a preview of batman Arkham City but it is taking a while because I am still trying to get all the research done. I would like to make this one amazing and I will most likely have it posted late Saturday or early Sunday. In other news I have also started a new tech blog called Tech Informer Bee and will have more posts there soon, the URL for this blog is Submit you blog to <a href="" title="Blog Directory" target="_blank">Blog Directory</a>

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Uncharted 3 Preview

Uncharted 3 comes out November 1st this year and I personally don't think I can wait that long.

Game Play
Oh no its Nathan Drake versus the world again. Well at least you have Sully for some if not most of the game. It looks like Naughty Dog redid the whole cross hair system for when you aim down the sites. They look a bit more like a boxes than the last time. It also seems as though they might have added some new weapons I can say with absolute certainty the AK  and that pistol you start of with will be in the game, ans will still probably be the weapons of choice. There are also new finishing moves in hand to hand combat and new ways to take down enemies.

See don't they look a bit boxy


This multiplayer is so amped up compared to the last game. This time there are planes, cars, and other vehicles so it is like a third person Bad Co. You can also customize different aspects of the game in the multiplayer. You can customize how your weapons look and what your clothes look like. There is even a way to display your dominance, the top player has their emblem displayed on the buildings. Oh yea and the terrain is destructible.

Look at the little acid trail and muzzle flash so nice.

The vehicles are so awesome. You can put your team in the back of a truck and drive around and just have them shoot at people while you try to get to into a good position.Or you could get in a plane and gun down enemies from above.

You can add attachments like different sites or extended mags to your gun. But my guess is that the sites will just be for show though it will be interesting to see if they actually have any use. You can look at the picture below to see the different customizations you can make. You can customize what clothes and what color your character wears and you can also customize your emblem which is displayed when you are the top player. 

Whoa look at all the pretty colors.

There isn't much to say about the graphics. They haven't changed much but they did get better. They will probably be the best graphics on the PS3. Surprisingly the only competition for graphics might be Infamous 2 and you can take a look at my article on that below. 

Look at the greenery it looks so real I want to eat it.
See look at all the individual bricks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Need Help!!

OK gamer first off I need help on three things first of I need more viewers so if you read my blog comment on it and tell your friends. Next I need more authors so if you are interested in writing for gaming only email me a draft of an article at and if you are good you're in. Finally I need somewhere to rent games my blockbuster went out of business and game-fly is a bit high so leave me a comment on where to rent games. Thanks I will write more articles when I find a game to rent. Submit your site to the web directory! Find sites like this in the Console Platforms Directory.