Thursday, April 28, 2011

inFAMOUS 2 Preview

Game Play
The game play of this game is going to be very similar to the first one with the exception of a few new powers, different bad guys, and more difficult moral choices. The games point for a long time is to search New Marias to find new powers and along the way fight new villains.
You are no longer in New York. I know right, a new city to play around in. Unfortunately this new city comes with new villains. These villains look something like albinos with wings for arms and tentacles for their mouths. They look a lot creepier than the reapers who just had coats and skull masks. But yet again you also fight normal people in weird suits and they kind of just look stupid. Those guys were meant to fight abnormalities meaning you and the albinos. Along with new villains there are new bosses. Instead of Kessler being the end boss it’s the beast he predicted. Once you beat the game you can play user generated content or play it before you are done with the campaign to gain experience.
Not quite as scary as a winged albino
Along with Cole’s look and voice he also has some new powers it is hard to tell but two new powers are certainly in the game, they are ice and telekinesis.  It looks like he also has fire and as I learned he has some sort of lightning tornado. Cole also has this weapon called the AMP it is this sort of prong thing (a handle with two long bars) that was designed by Zeke and can be electrified and used as a melee weapon. In the game play video I was a bit surprised I looked up in the left hand corner and it seems there are no battery cores, those little blue orbs that told you how much energy you had, this made me very happy. With no battery cores you would not have to search for generators or light posts to get more sticky bombs or other attacks.
After all that your main power is still lightning
 I have heard that the moral choices in this game will be more difficult but if they really are I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
There is no multiplayer for in FAMOUS 2
The graphics in this game have improved a lot since the last game. Although they have improved they still aren’t as good as Uncharted 2. This time they gave Cole’s baldness a more buzz cut look and you can even see where there are tiny stubs of hair and where the hair would grow like in the second picture below. In these pictures you can see the time of day and how your surroundings affect the light. You can even tell where the sun is because of the shadows on Cole’s face in the second picture.
See look at those graphics
Look at the cloud and the building they are so realistic