Friday, November 25, 2011

Call of Duty MW3 Review

Call of Duty Review
Alright so everyone knows this is a really really big month in gaming probably the best yet and there will be many more posts after Christmas. But this post is probably be the biggest post of the year for most people.

Game Play
So this was the very best Call of Duty story I've played. This game started off with a big legend in military group called Delta Force! And after that you go back to Price, Soap, and Nikoli. You will continue to switch between Delta Force and Price's team now called 441 disbanded. There is also the occasional team you play as once but don't play as ever again. Now the story plays out as you might have expected you spend your time with 441 disbanded searching for Makorav and time with Delta team fighting people on US soil. Well  like most other Call of Duty games there isn't much to say so that's the end of this section.

Like all shooters this is where they really hope to excel and it has paid off. First off the maps are bigger than Black Ops so that is one good thing. Next the weapon attachments are so much better including the hybrid sights. the way you unlock the attachments is also it is all depended on how much xp you get depending on the number of kills you get, there are no other requirements for attachments such as to get the holographic sight get 25 kills with red dot sight. Unfortunately there aren't any weapons that really excite or impress me so that part was disappointing. The kill streaks are also redone so there are two major categories. One of them your streaks continue through your deaths and your rewards help your team more than it hurts the other team. The other one is the traditional kill streak option where your streaks stop after your death and the rewards punish the other team more than they help yours. The only thing that i don't like as much as the other games is the weapons, my favorite weapon is the m4.


So in all honesty there isn't much to say about the graphics in this game they aren't great and they aren't terrible they are just normal which is disappointing for a game of this caliber.

Final Score
So i want to give this game a 9 but because of the of how disappointing the graphics were and the weapons I will have to give it 7.5 out of 10.

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