Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Must Have Gaming Items

Whats up gamers? So today i will be giving you a list of a couple things that will make your gaming experience much more enjoyable. I will not be listing really obvious stuff like a TV or  a game, but I will list a couple must have games for PS3 and X-box.

A/V Must Haves 
OK so lets start out with cables the standard cables are great but if you want better picture quality you should defiantly get HDMI cables (its best to make sure your TV takes HDMI input though because some TVs don't). A lot of people and places will tell you go with rocket fish cables but there really is no difference in HDMI cables, so just go with a cheap pair it works just as well as the expensive ones.

these are some  HDMI cables
Now on to headsets there are quite a few headsets that are considered quality brand headsets but in my opinion Tritons are the best. I unfortunately after reading many reviews went with the Turtle Beach DPX 21s which was a big mistake. they have already broke twice in a year so if they break again I will go buy a pair of Tritons instead of sending them back to get new ones.

These are the Tritons

No matter which system you have you will need a spare controller for mainly two reasons. The first reason is a big one and we have almost all been here. So you in the middle of an intense game and something aggravates you, so with out thinking you throw your controller. Nothing is more aggravating then breaking a controller on what was supposed to be an all nighter at say twelve o'clock at night, and not having a spare.The next reason is a little less serious, but is just as important. Lets say your playing a game and right at the good part the batteries on you controller dies. If you have a spare you can grab it and keep playing. OK so you regular readers probably remember my article X-box vs. PS3, and you remember in it i said how much I dislike PS3 controllers. There is a solution to this it is the  POWER A - Pro Elite Wireless Controller for PlayStation 3. This controller is like an X-box controller for PS3.

It looks just like that.

Must Have Games

Must Haves for X-box. 

The Halo series

The Gears Of War series

Fable III

Must Haves for PS3

Uncharted 2


Must Haves for Both Consoles

The Mass Effect series

Battlefield Bad Company 2

The Call of Duty series

The Assassin's Creed series

Mafia II

Batman Arkham Asylum


Red Dead Redemption

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